Our Staffing services


UX and Full stack consultants

We can source talent across a variety of UI technologies some of which are listed below

  • ¬†javascript: React, Angular, Ember, Backbone and Knockout, NodeJS
  • CSS: Bootstrap, SASS, LESS
  • Build tools: Grunt, Gulp, Bower, npm
  • Version control systems: git, svn

Backend Microservices consultants

Consistent with UX development, we can source talent in both emerging backend technologies and legacy java and .Net stack. Some of the emerging technologies are listed below:

  • Programming languages: Java, .Net C#, Scala, Go, Ruby, Python
  • Frameworks: Play/Akka, Springboot, Lagom, Vertx,
  • Container and container orchestration: Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos



Integration and Data consultants

These technologies enable the connection and data flow between digital frontend, backend and enterprise systems.
Some of the technologies we can source talent in

  • API gateway: Mulesoft, APIgee,
  • ESB: Mulesoft, Oracle Integration
  • data streaming: Kafka, Apache spark, Apache Flume
  • Messaging systems: RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, Kafka, JMS


Another extensive area with large number of tools and technologies; some of the technologies we can help hire talent in

  • CI: Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis CI
  • Cloud IAAS, PAAS: AWS, Pivotal, GCP, Azure, openstack, openshift,heroku, cloudfoundry
  • config provisioning: chef, puppet, ansible
  • containerization: docker, swarm, mesos and kubernetes



Enterprise IT Consultants

An area we started with and continue to support extensively. Some of the enterprise sytems that we can source talent in

  • Order management systems – IBM Sterling, Manhattan
  • ERP
  • JDE
  • SAP

The rest..

In addition to technology focussed consultants, we also support sourcing for

  • Project managers
  • Product managers
  • Business analyst
  • Testers – Manual and automation
  • Digital Marketing and analytics consultants